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Our analyses showed that ELSA Law Schools are dealing mostly with substantive law topics. Furthermore, European universities do not pay as much attention to this very topic as they should. Therefore we have decided to provide something new to the highly developed ELSA network and establish an ELSA Law School in the heart of Europe focusing on procedural issues.

The academic part is the most important and prestigious part of the program. However, a corresponding social program is provided too. Consequently, the outstanding program is complemented by unforgettable personal experience, new friendships, cultural exchange and a lot of ELSA Spirit.

Academic Program

We are determined to offer the participants an insight into the world of dispute resolution through an academic program held by some of the leading experts in this field. According to the specifications of ELSA International the academic program comprises 20 hours.

The week starts with an introductory day through which the participants will get an insight into four different dispute resolution techniques – litigation, arbitration, mediation and negotiation. Subsequently the program will focus a further day on each of the mechanisms. This allows the participants to start the week with basics and to build up to more advanced and profound issues.

Social Program

The historical aspect, imperial palaces, famous museums and, above all, Hofburg and Schönbrunn – where the Habsburg rulers lived, loved and married into empires, often makes us forget that Vienna is one of Europe’s most dynamic urban spaces. Eventually, the participants will get to know both Vienna’s grand past and its dynamic present.

Therefore, the participants will visit a couple of Vienna landmarks, i.e. the St. Stephen’s Cathedral, the Wiener Prater – oldest amusement park in the world – and the United Nations Office at Vienna International Centre, but also enjoy the vibrant nightlife of the Austrian capital. A further highlight of the previous editions was a scavenger hunt across the whole city organized by the ELSA Vienna Law School Team. Last but not least, the ELSA Law School on Dispute Resolution will end with an unforgettable Graduation Ceremony Cocktail at the office of one of our partners.

In the Video bellow you can see what an ordinary day at the ELSA Law School looks like:

ELSA Spirit

The aim of the ELSA Vienna Law School was always clear: to spread the ELSA Spirit! After all ELSA events the participants are talking about this famous spirit, but what is that actually? Its a mood which results of a fantastic combination of academic and social activities with internationally minded law students. And although everyone can feel it at any event, the spirit itself cannot be described by words. Therefore, you have to join one of those events in order to FEEL THE SPIRIT!

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