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The 5th ELSA Law School on Dispute Resolution will take place from 31st of July to 7th of August 2016!




ELSA Vienna is determined to offer you an insight into the world of dispute resolution through an academic program established under the patronage of Prof. Paul Oberhammer, a leading expert in the field of international litigation and arbitration.

Additionally, a correspondent social program will be organized which will enable the participants to get to know the city and each other.

In a nutshell, the participants will start the day with lectures and workshops held by leading experts and spent the rest of the day visiting world-famous Viennese attractions and enjoying the great nightlife of Vienna.

The Organizing Team is working hard to ensure yet another unforgettable experience, so we will be updating the homepage constantly – stay tuned.

For now, you can take a look at ELSA Vienna’s Law Schools from 2012-2015!

Take a look at last year’s promo video – we are already looking forward to Summer 2016!



1. Registration is officially open!


For questions or clarifications of any kind you can contact the Director of Law School or the Head of Organizing Committee of the ELSA Vienna Law School on Dispute Resolution:

Jasmin Rosita Zareie
Director Law School


Philipp Gorgi
Head of Organizing Committee

ELSA Vienna's Academic Partner:


Partners of ELSA Vienna:

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Brandl & Talos


Austrian junior enterprise



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