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The ELSA Law School was aimed at law students and young lawyers interested in dispute resolution. Although ELSA Members and applicants with a connection to dispute resolution had some privileges, non-ELSA-members and applicants without any dispute resolution experience were more than welcome to join the ELSA Law School in Vienna. Of course, beeing a law student or young graduate of law was a prerequisite.

We were determined to select a similar number of women and men from as many different nations as possible. However, the number of participants was, once again, limited to 42!

Application Deadline:

The application deadline started on 1st April and ended on 27th April 2014 !


One of our goals was to form a group of young and open-minded people who on the one hand would get an insight into different dispute resolution mechanisms and, on the other hand, would get to know each other. Therefore, the participants had to attend both the academic and the social program throughout all seven days.

Academic Fee:
The regular daily Fee covers accommodation, food and the lecture materials:
ELSA Members from favored countries: EUR 29 per night per person
ELSA Members from non favored countries: EUR 33 euros per night per person
ELSA Alumni: EUR 40 per night per person
Non ELSA Member: EUR 50 per night per person

Social Fee:
The social program fee of EUR 40 covered the tickets for museums, public transportation, clubs etc and the transportation from the airport (=bus or train station) to the hotel.

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