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1st ELSA Law School on Dispute Resolution – Report

The ELSA Network offers around 12 different law schools all over Europe and the number is  increasing! For the first time in its 30 year history ELSA has hosted an international Summer Law School in the beautiful and vibrant capital of the historical Habsburg monarchy.

How Come…?

It all began in the fall of 2011. Inspired by the excellent 7th ELSA Summer Law School on M&A in Istanbul, Adi Bikic has formed the ELSA Vienna Law School Team without having any experience in event management. However, it turned out to become the biggest international ELSA project in Austria since the Anniversary ICM in 2001.

Although Adi initiated and worked on the realization of the project for almost one year, it is absolutely clear that this event would not have been possible without the magnificent Organizing Committee comprised of Victoria Abplanalp, Theresa Bernhart, Clemens Hartig, Sebastian Karas, Alice Stocker, Lisa Winkelbauer and its head Tobias Birsak.

Why Dispute Resolution?

Our analyses showed that ELSA law schools are dealing mostly with substantive law topics. In order to provide something new to the highly developed Network, we have established an ELSA Law School in the heart of Europe focusing on procedural issues.

Furthermore, dispute resolution techniques are becoming increasingly important, especially in an international context. Therefore, we decided to provide an opportunity for students and young lawyers to learn more about litigation, arbitration, mediation and negotiation.

Who participated?

It took ten full days to analyse almost 200 applications from over 30 countries and 3 continents which we have received. Faced with more highly qualified applications than we had room to admit, the ELSA Vienna Law School Team took great care to choose 40 students and young lawyers with unusual academic and extracurricular strengths.

Again an overpriced summer law school?

One of our goals was to enrich the event with students from different cultural and legal backgrounds. At the same time we wanted to offer a high quality academic and social program.

Due to the support of our Partners we have been able to to offer such a program for aprox. 30 € per day, including board and lodging. Furthermore, our thanks go to our Patron and all speakers as well, who have held outstanding lectures at the 1st ELSA Law School despite their busy schedules.

2nd ELSA Law School!

You do not believe us? You think we are exaggerating? If so, take part in the 2nd ELSA Law School on Dispute Resolution and check it out by yourself. ELSA Vienna guarantees:

You will be impressed!

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